Downloaded and installed AVG antivurus for Linux 0 but can't find the program?

Downloaded and installed AVG antivurus for Linux but can’t find the program?

I can see it when I go into software manager, but no where else?

why is this>

I don’t have experience with AVG for Linux. Maybe it didn’t install menu entries. Are yo sure it hasn’t created an entry in the ‘Utilities’ menu section?

Anyway, it might be useful to have a look at the list of installed files first with the ‘rpm’ command:

rpm -qf avg-blah-blah.rpm

IIR AVG only has a command line interface. So you won’t see it in the menu or have a GUI window. Of course the question is why do you think you need it?

Suppose I us wanted to be safe, do I really not need an AV at all?


The only good reason to have a AV on Linux is if you have a file/mail server and you want to scan files that may end up on a machine with a weaker OS.