I have a most unusual problem at least it seems that way to me the latest 64 bit version of Opensuse 11.3 when I try to download it the download stops at 189 megs I have tried this at least 10 times from different mirrors and different browsers with exactly the same result. Anyone have any ideas on this one.

Is this the Live cd of kde or gnome
or the full DVD?

stilgar59 wrote:
> Anyone have any ideas on this one.

-=welcome=- first time poster…thank you for wanting to try our
stuff…several things might be causing your problem, hard to tell

are you connected via a connection that someone might want to restrict
how much you can fetch from somewhere else…like a public
wifi/office/dorm/etc? are you going through a proxy?

what kind of file system are you saving to?

any help here? or
on that page?

have you tried download method BitTorrent and get the same stop at
189? or tried a “download manager” if using the direct method?

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