Download: Yes, Application: No

I decided to try OpenSUSE specifically to try a more current version of FreeCAD (3D CAD modeler).
FreeCAD was successfully found, and installed, twice. Now it’s installed and the program does not appear in SHOW APPLICATIONS. I have no way to run the program.

Where do you find applications downloaded through openSUSE?

You can check installed files with

rpm -ql FreeCAD

I would expect to find a .desktop file somewhere as well.

in konsole: kbuildsycoca5 (to rebuild icon cache) or reboot.
in general easier to search, from kruner alt-space or type into the launcher dialouge

Have you tried to run it from the terminal?

If not, open the terminal and type freecad (probably it) and enter. If it opens, the problem is with the desktop entrance, not with the application. So you will neet to create a new entrance.