Download via Ktorrent of opensuse 11.4 is seeding


I recently downloaded opensuse 11.4 via ktorrent and now the status is “seeding”. If I check vis Yast -> Media Check It gives me the following error:

openSUSE-DVD-i586-Build0024-Media (/home/agunet/openSUSE-11.4-DVD-i586.iso/openSUSE-11.4-DVD-i586.iso)
Medium: DVD1
Size: 4434460 kB
Result: Error – MD5 sum does not match
This medium should not be used.

IS the file damage ? Can I repair it ? How ?
Or do I have to wait until the file is complete seeded ? (I don’t understand what it really is to “seed” a file) Maybe someone explains me.

Too many doubts.

Hope you help me

thanks a lot for any feedback, I’m very lost


I’ll have to check on the problem, but seeding is when you’ve downloaded the file, and people are downloading from you. On the opposite end of the scale you have leaching, which is where you download from everyone but upload to no one. Seeding is where you’re downloading nothing and uploading to everyone. As for the problem, I’ll keep looking.

Does the DVD boot? Have you tried using it yet? Because if you’re seeding then your download is finished.

I didn’t trye to burn the file into a DVD, because when I try to check the file, via Yast -> Check media, displays the following error:

Result: Error – MD5 sum does not match
This medium should not be used.

Is the file damaged ? IS there a way to repair the file ? And if it is, how ?



You might try “aria2c” with the “-V” option. Read the “man” page for instructions on how to use it.

I’m tring to not download my file again. I downloaded 4 times (including this). At least there is no other choice.
I prefer how coud I repair the file