Download small/big files

I`m using openSuse 11.1 KDE4.2 I download big file always KDE/Suse put in one folder,but I can find it.

Please could you help me.

I appreciate for helping me out.


If you are downloading the file from the internet using a web browser, this is not the fault of KDE or Suse. However, if this is the case, it is an easy fix.

Assuming you are using firefox, all you need to do is to open firefox, click on Edit in the top left, and select preferences. In the box that pops up, there should be an option that says “Save files to”. This will tell you where your files are, which be default, is your desktop. I usually uncheck this box and select the one that says “Always ask me where to save files”. That way, whenever I start a download, it automatically gives me a choice where to save it.

If this is not your problem, please reply back with more information.

You right that was the problem .lol!

I appreciate for helping me;)
The problem is solved


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Have a good one.