download opensuse 11 dvd iso


I like to download the new opensuse dvd iso, because I need it for a PC without internet.

Bud it is too big. What can i do?

You could use the live cd instructions here or do an install from the net instructions here
however this way is much more complicated
If you have problems with bandwidth i can send you a dvd with snailmail send me a pm if you want.
Alternatively maybe you have a neighbor that could download it for you


I am going to Install OpenSuse an a PC without Internet

The Problem is not the bandwidth. Every attempt to Download failed, because the size is more than 4GByte

you can use BitTorent to download the dvd image…

I had tried, but there were no other ones in that net with the DVD iso.

do you tried to use Mozilla Firefox to download openSuse DVD?

Yes, direct, with “DownThemAll” and fireFTP
and IE 7
and Opera

fireFTP says direktly that the size is too big

the other start the download and stop by 300 MByte