Download *.iso files with zsync?


I wonder: would it save a lot of bandwidth to add a zsync control file to the repos containing the big *.iso files? I guess that quite a lot of blocks would be identical going from RC-x to RC-y or from one milestone to the next one.

You know, i was recently updating ubuntu rc cd and thought about the same thing. zsync is just rsync ?

Index of /distribution/11.2-RC2/delta

zsync is just rsync ?

No. I works over HTTP and is light on the server, because the work is done on the client. See: zsync

The only difference is that client side hashing and compressed files support :slight_smile:

Anyway it is great, there would be no need for applydeltaiso (especially on DVD iso images and also live CD images :slight_smile: )

I know that there is a delta and i always use it but the good thing with zsync is that it automatically applies the changes and with the delta it has to be completely downloaded then applied.

I guess with zsync you could even skip a release and it would still work. openSUSE is certainly aware of zsync, as they have discussed it before: Libzypp/Downloading Metadata - openSUSE. There must be a reason they don’t use it; probably because the deltas are the SUSE-way of doing it, or deltas are even smaller … (I don’t know).