Downgrading Firefox

I’m running OpenSuSE 11.4 with the Gnome desktop. The fonts in Firefox 4 aren’t displaying properly and also the theme that I wish to use isn’t available for the new version. I’d like to install and use Firefox 3.6 for the time being but its not listed in the software manger. Could someone please explain how to locate and install the 3.6 version. Thanks.

Have you added Mozilla in your system repositories (yast/software/softwarerepositories)
Then add community repositories and find Mozilla
Accept the key (if you trust it)

You should be able to downgrade (as long as there are no dependency issues that you can’t sort out)

Once in yast/software/softwaremanagement

type firefox and click on it. Then you should be able to find the version you are looking for

Thanks Dude, I’ve followed your instructions but the only repositories listed were the Mozilla BuildService and Mozilla Beta reps, and they both only list Firefox 4. Is there anything else I can do?

There are both versions in the Buildservice Repository. However you have to select the Firefox package and then click on the tab that lists the different available versions to see that.](

Thanks LE, I didn’t know about the version tab. I’ve installed version 3.6 but I’m still having problems with the font rendering. Its not just the text in the web pages that aren’t displaying correctly, its also the text in the menu headings and menu items that I’m having problems with. its of a spindly appearance. It seems as if Firefox is ignoring the system font preferences, any ideas how I can sort this out?

I personally have never had real problems with font rendering in Firefox. So, I have little clues what may be the problem in your case. However, I think there are quite a few topics dealing with font rendering, ugly fonts in Firefox etc. A forum search may really pay and find you good topics.

One thing I know is that Firefox’s fonts are controlled with the module ‘Personal Settings’ > ‘Application Appearance’ > ‘Gtk Styles and Fonts’ in KDE. That will probably not solve your problems though, but it may be a start.

I’ve managed to get it sorted in the end. I had a Google around (or Yahoo around in my case), and found the instructions to get Firefox to display fonts correctly. For anyone else who are having the same problem, here is the link Ubuntu Linux: Firefox and Desktop Application Fix Smooth Font Problem ( Render Font Correctly )

Something similar here, without the need to edit conf files manually.

That’s worked as well Brunomcl, I’ve stuck with the method that you’ve suggested. Thanks for that.

Glad to help. The problem with heavy/medium subpixel hinting is the slight greenish tinge that smaller fonts show, at least in my last three LCD monitors.
I tend to disable antialiasing for the 5-12 pixel size range.

I remember this also occurred in Windows XP.


I’ve been having this same issue since upgrading to FF4. I followed the instructions in the link to switch font rendering to LCD mode and all my font problems went away. Thanks for the tip!