downgrade to 13.2

I have recently upgraded from 13.2 to 42.1. To be hones, I am totally shocked at the quality of 42.1. There are regressions all over the place: hardware support, kde desktop, speed of booting and stability (to name a few). I have used the zypper dup procedure for the update. For the moment I have had enough and would like to downgrade to 13.2. Could I do that using the zypper dup in reverse (as soon as I get to recue a broken booting procedure)?

Should work

Just be sure ALL repos are switched

To be fair, most problems should be counted towards KDE/Plasma5. IMHO the Gnome version of Leap is rock solid at present (and I eventually skipped OS 13.2 for similar reasons after testing it at release…)

Thanks to every one who replied. What worked for me was to use the netinstall image to boot into an install. Then use upgrade which really allows you to downgrade. The netinstall takes care of the proper repository configuration. I was amazed how well zypper resolved everything. After the downgrade glitches remained but with some remaining updates I am now almost back to a perfect 13.2 environment (13.2 was the best version ever so far for me).

Unfortunately, 42.1 was unstable for me with kernel freezes so it was unusable so far. Will have to try later with a live installation again.