Downgrade PHP 7.4 => 5.6

Is there a way to do this via YAST??

If not, can somebody point me in the right direction?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Is there a specific need for you to use PHP 5.6? Itโ€™s currently EOL and the SUSE repository version does not include any backported patches putting your system at a risk if you open it to the world.

Zippy has 5.6.40 with the latest CVE patches available in his home repository ( ) but even those might not include fixes for all holes that 5.6 has.

Well i am looking to resurrect a php web site on localhost that depends on versions 4.04 - 5.6.

When i get that working again i plan on upgrading it to itโ€™s latest version, which requires php 5.6 - 7.4.

When i sort that out i want to publish the site to a remote host, on which it currently resides under php 5.3.29, upgrading to version 7.4.

I thought this might be the best way to go about it โ€ฆ but sounds like i would be complicating things. I guess i will just bite the bullet and upgrade the site software to its latest version and start from there.

Thanks for the advice. :slight_smile: