Downgrade kernel?

Im not sure if I am posting this in the right place, if not im sorry. I want to downgrade the kernel to 2.6.32 or a little older. I see the if I add the 11.2 repo I can install 2.6.31. Will that work though? Id rather not tank my system. I need to the older kernel for better support in a app I regularly use.

Thank you!

As you do not even tell which openSUSE level and kernel version you have at the moment, it is a bit difficult for others to give you a sound advice.

Im sorry I guess when I said I wanted to downgrade, and adding the 11.2 repo, it was implied that I was using a newer version then 11.2, the only one being 11.3. Anyway, Im using 11.3, with the default kernel. Can I add the 11.2 repo and install a older kernel, without it breaking my system?

Better simply say how it is then letting others assume, also not telling what they assume and the mess of misunderstanding is allready there.

The changing of the kernel at least may influence your nvidia driver (if used). I should be carefull and better wait for more comments from people better knowing then me.

openSUSE 11.3 uses gcc 4.5 where as openSUSE 11.2 used an older version of gcc. You will experience problems. Why not create a partition and install openSUSE 11.2?


Another option is to use VirtualBox to create a virtual partition
and install openSUSE 11.2 then your app.

Else if can run xen just boot up and 11.2 instance to run your app?

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You can try to install BOTH kernels (keep the new one and install the old
one). Grub should let you choose which one you want to boot. If the old one
is not working you can still use the new one.

On 2010-09-09 20:36, digitalsedition wrote:

> o Can
> I add the 11.2 repo and install a older kernel, without it breaking my
> system?

No. That way, not.

Perhaps by downloading the kernel rpms and installing them with the rpm command (not zypper). Do not
add an older repo, that might bring different problems.

Make sure you don’t “replace” the current kernel, add the other one. How? Read “man rpm” >:-)

However, the safest method is installing the older distro, virtually or “really”.

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