downgrade gcc

der standard gcc scheint keine header zu finden. Soll rsp. wie kann ich downgraden?
Michael Sgier

Probably it would be better to fix the problem. Downgrading gcc may create a bunch of new problems. Can you please report the errors you see? And what’s your distro?

Es wäre vermutlich besser das Problem zu lösen. Das Downgraden bringt nur neue Probleme. Zeig doch bitte die Fehler die Du siehst. Und welches ist die Version Deiner Distribution?


Errormsg: ‘glGenBuffers’ was not declared in this scope

I’m using the latest openGL
3.2 Nvidia driver 32bit on openSuse 11.2
glext is included. I checked within glext.h and found it.
What else could I try?

michael@23-194-pool:~> glewinfo | grep glGenBuffer
glGenBuffers: OK
glGenBuffersARB: OK

habe auch gcc 4.1 versucht ohne Erfolg. Alles standard openSuse 11.2 mit Eclipse.
Vielen Dank

Maybe things are getting clearer if you state what you want to achieve? The things you’re doing now, are definitely going to lead to more trouble than solutions.

glGenBuffers returns an error. I don’t believe it to be eclipse related…so what else than gcc or suse to blame.

It’s a long time since I did c++ programming but to me that looks like you’re trying to link against something that’s not installed. Ie. there’s no header file in /usr/include (or whereever else) that declares glGenBuffers().

You probably need to use the software installer (YAST or zypper) to install the -devel package for whatever you’re trying to build against (perhaps mesa-devel if you’re writing an app that uses OpenGL)

yes opengl. I’ve mesa & mesa devel already installed and cant find any other dev. libs. headers (glext.h etc.) come with nvidia
What else to install?
Many thanks

I’m not sure, if I google for what provides that function this thread provides some useful info:
FreeOrion • View topic - libGL problem in RenderStarlanes(), RenderSystems() and Init
Basically the conclusion was to install glew (and glew-devel as well of course)