Downgrade from 15.3 to 15.2?

Hi all,

We have installed Open Suse 15.3 Leap on one of my VM but the application I wish to work seems to have issues on 15.3. So I am looping how can we downgrade from 15.3 to 15.2?
I am fairly new to Linux and may be this could be very basic ask. But I could not get any relevant posts too to follow hence asking the experts.

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As 15.2 is out of support since January, you might even have problems finding repositories for it.
I do not think there is a supported downgrade path. You could try a fresh installation of 15.2, while keeping your data (partitions) like /home. But even then, depending on what applications (including desktops) users are using now, those applications will probably be aware of the fact that a new version is running with old configuration data, etc. and then adapt, but not the other way around.

In other words, you can try but problems might emerge in unexpected places.

BTW, you mention having problems with an application on 15.3. Did you ever try to get help for that here, or do you decide that is too much off-topic in the openSUSE forums?

Thanks for your response Henk van Velden.
I was thinking about the fresh install only. Anyways that’s a fresh install of 15.3 too, so don’t have much data/users so don’t see any issue there.
For the application error, I did check few discussion on application forum about people having issues on 15.3 and the developers are still investigating so thought of taking it with 15.2 only.

When a fresh installation was your intention, then that is not a downgrade at all. :slight_smile:
But for a fresh installation you need a medium (you may have that from your earlier installation), but also functioning Update repos (that is of course when you want it updated until January 2022). I am not sure they are still there, but you can try.

As long as you do not ask for help by naming the application and explaining the problem, this is just a vague statement. When you try to use application A, I doubt it makes sense to check if others using applications B … Z have problems with 15.3.

If you indicate what the needed application is, perhaps someone might have a means of running it on 15.3. Perhaps someone has it running. That would save a lot of work.

Might be worth a try

tom kosvic