Dovecot Problem

Hi ther i got a problem that i would be very happy for any help with: im migrating an old server where users have created subfolders, the subfolders are for example “~/Maildir/.example” but on the new server if i create same subfolder it will be named “~/Maildir/.INBOX.example” this causes the old folders not to show up, anyone know how to change this behaviour or if there is a way to make the old folders to show up as well

Something is weird with your setup, because there should never be a folder called .INBOX. In IMAP, INBOX always refers to the default mailbox, which is simply the top level cur/ new/ tmp/. Perhaps your IMAP client doesn’t understand that?

found out the problem ther, INBOX are folders crated under INBOX, so it seems that isnt related. but i cant get the old folders to show up

In dovecot’s Maildir a top level folder will be called .example, a subfolder of that will be called .example.subfolder. Under each will be cur/ new/ tmp/. In other words it’s all flattened out to one level.

If you were importing from an older IMAP server you may have to do some manual steps to make the old folders seen by the new server. I think it has something to do with the subscriptions file. You may also have to delete any index caches to force dovecot to rebuild them. Have a look at any migration notes at

hi tanks for the tips but i found the problem: it was microsoft outlook which all users use, i had to right click on the main folder, choose IMAP folders and then search for de folders and add them manually! then they showed up, i only learned of this when i tried to add an account with thunderbird having every folder shoving up in thunderbird but only Inbox in Outlook.

i shuld have known better than to try to investigate the error using an MS produkt >:)

but now everything works and i just had to tell and guide all users to do the above and so they got their folders back