Dovecot 2.0 without virtual domains?

I don’t think I need virtual domains, but I can’t say for certain.
I have a once machine setup.
in my mind the mail goes to the single machine’s SMTP and gets distributed by Dovecot after an installation of Dovecot via yast2.
is this correct?

You should describe your use case: where is the mail coming from (Internet? LAN?), do you have your own domain, or just a fake LAN domain, what are the mail clients, how many are they, etc. etc.

Otherwise I’m just a blind man in front of an elephant.

ddclient works ( I have my own domain )
ports are forwarded.
mail comes from the internet.
I am using roundcube with a mysql back-end.
I figure I will setup dovecot with the mysql back-end also so that way I don’t have to create the users on the system instead just create users in the database.
once again thanks.

is my perception of setting up dovecot in that manner wrong?

Dovecot is only half the story. It allows users to access mail via POP or IMAP. You need postfix (or sendmail) to handle SMTP.

I don’t have sendmail installed… I thought getmail took care of that?
I setup postfix but I figured getmail was doing that job…

so I went back to a backup prior to postfix and postfix admin.
so I only have getmail

Postfix is a sendmail equivalent.

Getmail, like fetchmail, only fetches in the mail. You still need a local SMTP server to store the mail somewhere. Hence postfix or sendmail.

If you were going to make your server a MX so that the world would deliver mail (and spam) to you directly instead of your mail provider, then you wouldn’t need getmail.

ok well, I read the man page of getmail and didn’t mention that it was an smtp server…
I have the backup of a fully configured postfix with postfix admin I can restore in 2 minutes…
let me see if I get myself into trouble or need some more of my perceptions corrected and I will post some more, ok?
and yes I plan to get all the mail (and spam).