Doubts about Braid for Linux

Hi all.

I got Braid for Linux little time ago from the Humble Indie Bundle 2 package, in which was included. However haven’t tried it yet (I had already played it on Wine). Now I’m interested, but then after a brief search I recently saw that apparently a second build or version of Linux Braid was released, with the word “build2” added to the original name. It’s a few Mb heavier than the original one.

Does someone know what the difference between these versions is? Could it be that “build2” fixed some bugs, or something like that? Or a modified version?

I have also bought this pack a while back and I can assure you Braid works 100% fine under SuSE. Th build thing is only about bug fixes and the version of Humble Bundle is indeed the latest build.

So are you saying that “build2” version, which is 6 Mb heavier than Humble Bundle’s, is in fact older than actual Humble Bundle’s?

No, I’m saying that “build2” is the one distributed in Humble Bundle. I don’t understand why don’t you simply download and try the version you have payed for? It’s only a couple of MB and you’ll clear your doubts in an instant.