Double up on Icons

I have just done a completely clean install of 42.3 and I am fairly happy with it except for one annoying issue.

I have dual screens, not unified and whenever I put something onto the desktop on one screen it automatically appears on the other as well. If I put a document on one there are then two. Same with creating links, create link and there are two. They are independent of each other in that I can move one and the other will stay where it is but if I delete one they both disappear. I have tried every setting in the desktop settings that I can find but it always happens.
Any idea?

Which desktop environment?

For KDE configure it via System Settings > Display and Monitor

For Gnome…

KDE and I have adjusted every setting in display and monitor - still have the problem.

I’m not sure why you’re having a problem with this. Did you drag the second screen to the desired position in the deskstop utility and click ‘Apply’?

With the second display plugged in, report back with results from


The user settings are located in the ~/.local/share/kscreen/ directory. You could share the configuration with us if you’d like.

If necessary, you can just delete the config file and start over.

rm -f ~/.local/share/kscreen/*

Also, please provide your graphics card details…

/usr/sbin/hwinfo --gfxcard

I have dragged the screens everywhere, swapped them, unified them, un-unified, set each as master, then none as master. It doesn’t appear to make a difference, each time if I try to drop something onto desktop 1, or set up a link on desktop, the evil twin shows up on the other side. I have tried putting the item on screen one or screen two first but it makes no difference. This behaviour was apparent from the first boot after install when I had two ‘Home’ folders and two ‘Wastebins’. Widgets do not replicate which is how I got around the double wastebins, by deleting it / them and using the widget instead.

As to the commands, I am having log in issues at the moment and need to resolve them, once I do I will look into this further. I think that your idea of deleting the config file and starting over is probably the way to go though. I shall report back once I can actually get openSUSE to start.

Reads like screen mirroring, but best to wait until you can show us the requested output.

Not from my understanding of that, but as you say wait for the output. I would have thought though that if it was mirroring, moving one icon would move the other whereas once they appear they are independent except for deleting which deletes both and, widgets would double up as well.

Yes, I thought you were describing a replicated (cloned) display. Now I understand that it’s only the desktop elements being replicated, so not really a screen configuration issue then.

Are you using folder view? I don’t use that feature, but it suddenly occurred to me that perhaps that’s the issue here.

Yes, I am and actually that would makes sense. I’ll check once I get back into openSUSE.

You’ll need to unlock widgets and right click 'Configure Desktop, then you can change layout from ‘Folder View’ to ‘Desktop’, or point the second screen at a different folder view location (assuming that is a possibility).

yes, that was it. Both monitors were set to folder view, so were showing the same thing. Silly error

Learning can come from mistakes, and maybe someone else will come searching once day. :slight_smile: