Double boot or not???

Have a simple question for the ones that know more than I do.
Can I install suse 11 if I am already running xp?

I downloaded suse 11 and I am all exited to install it but, here is what happened.
Once I finished burning the Iso, a box showed up and asked me if a wanted to install suse11… Keep in mind I was using xp while all of this was happening.
I told the box to go ahead and install. So it did a few things and told me to restart my computer. After restarting it showed me a boot menu…
If I install suse 11 like that, will it destroy my xp or not?
Thanks guys!

I personally installed OpenSUSE 11.0 by booting from the ISO image, but I’m not sure what installing OpenSUSE from XP will change. I’m not positive what that will do, maybe someone else who has done it before can answer that for you. I run a dual-boot of XP and OpenSUSE from and ISO boot installation, and it works great!

I have openSUSE dual-boot with XP in my desktop and and with vista in laptop. They are running without any problem. But I did not not install openSUSE from scratch. I replaced ubuntu with it. I always start installation from windows. The installed will copy some files to windows partition, which it will remove when you boot in windows next time. In my case it reformatted linux partitions to install openSUSE and left windows partition as they were.

To be on the safe side I would suggest to backup all personal files.

I must confess, I am tempted to just go ahead and try and see what happens.

That’s what my body wants but my brain tells me to make a backup of my system before doing something like that.
I hope one of you tried this before.

The backup is essential in case you get a power outage during install.

The standard OpenSUSE install on a Windows only machine is to partition the disk in a reasonable way to allow Windows and OpenSUSE to coexist and to give you access to Windows files.

However, you must defragment the disk first to make sure that the installer does not mistake where it is safe to create the partition boundaries.

I have never had any problems accepting the OpenSUSE installer’s decisions but, if you decide to use the expert partition option, make sure you enter the option to mount Windows.