Dotnet-sdk-7.0 not being in repo

I am trying to build a package but i cant because dotnet isn’t in the repo is there any way to add them or do i have to make them available myself

Name: opentabletdriver
Version: 6.0.4
Release: 1
Group: Hardware/Other
License: LGPLv3
Summary: A cross-platform open source tablet driver
Url: GitHub - OpenTabletDriver/OpenTabletDriver: Open source, cross-platform, user-mode tablet driver
BuildArch: x86_64

BuildRequires: git dotnet-sdk-7.0
Requires: pkgconfig(libevdev)
Requires: gtk3
Requires: bash
Recommends: pkgconfig(xrandr)
Recommends: pkgconfig(x11)
Source0: OpenTabletDriver*.tar.xz

OpenTabletDriver is an open source, cross platform, user mode tablet driver. The goal of OpenTabletDriver is to be cross platform as possible with the highest compatibility in an easily configurable graphical user interface.

%setup -q

cp %{SOURCE0} $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/OpenTabletDriver.tar.xz
tar -xf $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/OpenTabletDriver.tar.xz -C $RPM_BUILD_ROOT
bash $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/OpenTabletDriver*/
bash $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/OpenTabletDriver*/
cp ./OpenTabletDriver*/bin/OpenTabletDriver.UX.Gtk %{_bindir}/otd
ls -s %{_bindir}/otd %{_bindir}/OpenTabletDriver

cp $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/OpenTabletDriver*/bin/99-opentabletdriver.rules /etc/udev/rules.d
udevadm control --reload-rules
cp $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/opentabletdriver.service /etc/systemd/user/
%systemd_user_post opentabletdriver.service

if lsmod | grep hid_uclogic > /dev/null ; then
rmmod hid_uclogic || true

if lsmod | grep wacom > /dev/null ; then
rmmod wacom || true

%systemd_user_preun opentabletdriver.service

%systemd_user_postun opentabletdriver.service

%dir /usr/share/OpenTabletDriver


thanks for any help

Did you read the installation instructions for OpenTabletDriver at Linux Installation Guide - OpenTabletDriver?

  1. Download the Microsoft repository package (packages-microsoft-prod.deb) for your distribution.

You can get packages-microsoft-prod as RPM for openSUSE here: Index of config/opensuse/.
Some more instructions: Installieren von .NET unter openSUSE - .NET | Microsoft Learn.

i since solved with by installing the binaries, but this isn’t what i was asking, you cant add a rpm into you obs project you need to either depend on another repo on obs or add the binaries youself into your build environment