dosemu not run

dosemu start via Konsole give me the message:
> dosemu
LOWRAM mmap: Das Argument ist ungueltig

How can I resolve this problem?

with regards

The solution is in 2 parts:

First, do this:

su -c ‘echo “vm.mmap_min_addr = 0” >> /etc/sysctl.conf’

Enter rootpassword. This adds a the lowram setting required to the system control file sysctl.conf.

Next you have to disable Apparmor completely:

kdesu ‘kwrite /boot/grub/menu.lst’

Enter rootpassword. In kwrite, add “apparmor=0” (without quotes, =ZERO) to the boot options line for your default choice.

Now reboot, and dosemu will work.


Thanks - it works fine!

with regards

Hi, sorry for me english. :X
not yet know much about linux, I’m learning recently.:’(

In that part of menu.lst is written apparmor = 0?

Muchas Gracias

In the line specifying the kernel.

I tried this. Executing dosemu opens a window. When you type into the window the system bell squeals with every keystroke. How do I get dosemu to not squeal?

Hi, edit the file dosemu.conf in /etc/dosemu and go to speaker and soun settings, there you has to insert $_speaker = “”, con eso se termino el sonido molesto del teclado y no chilla mas. Saludetes.:wink: