DOSEMU & mounted shares from a SAMBA server

I use Peachtree Complete Accounting (PCA) for DOS. There is no acceptable native Linux replacement.

My PCA data files have been living on a Linux (currently Suse 11.0) server and are accessible to OS/2 (thanks to recent SAMBA 3 fixes), DOS (I suppose), Windows and Linux clients via CIFS (SMB) shares.

The dos box in OS/2 is able to provide access to SMB shares mounted by OS/2, allowing me to use PCA without needing to use DOS computers.

For many reasons, I am trying to get away from using OS/2 for clients.

I am currently trying to set up a Suse 11.1 client to use DOSEMU in which to run PCA. I can mount the shared directory from my server that contains the PCA data files in my Suse 11.1 client, with full read/write access from any Linux operation. I have DOSEMU set up to assign a drive letter (P:) to that mounted share, using lredir. I can switch to P: and DIR to correctly see a list of all of the files. However, I have neither read nor write access to them. What must I do to get read/write access to that mounted share from inside of DOSEMU?

Thanks in advance for help!