Don't you think gparted should be present on the live CD?

just asking your opinion…

Is there enough room to add it? That’s the big question…

For me, GParted is the best out there, so it’ll be a good idea. :slight_smile:

Edit: sorry misunderstood the question, deleted the answer :slight_smile:

It’s not even in the distribution’s oss repo. It’s available from packman. I needed it a few days ago to undo a self-inflicted boot problem where I needed to reset a partition flag. I used an openSUSE liveCD to boot the machine and run a live DE session, adding the community repo for packman, and installing gparted from there. I then reset the missing partition flag successfully, and rebooted from the HD.

Yes, it would be nice to have it on the liveCD, but that would only save the couple of minutes it took with YaST (even quicker with zypper) to add a repo and install gparted to the live session. :slight_smile:

I didn’t know that was possible. How you do this exactly? Sorry for my question, I know, it is not the subject of this thread…

Neither did I until I tried it. BTW, it was actually an 11.2 KDE4 liveCD that I had originally used to install 11.2 on my notebook (since upgraded to 11.3).

Happy to provide detail, but which bit exactly? Installing the repo and gparted, or using gparted to set/change a partition flag?

There is a live CD of Gparted itself. As far as I can tell, it works great.

To reset a partition flag, you can just use fdisk (as described here: Help booting Win XP). It will be faster, IMO.

Honestly, I have that many CD’s with it and Parted Magic is my standby.
I never use it in a running system anyway.
I don’t even use the Yast partitioner in house, only at install.

Why would I have noticed or bother with “Help booting Win XP”, since I don’t have Win XP! Haven’t used fdisk in ages, certainly not for mods, overlooked it, and prefer to use a gui tool on the rare occasion I have a grub/boot issue, that normally happens after using the unpredictable openSUSE installer’s partitioner in a multiboot situation. That reminds me to change my answer to:

openSUSE’s liveCD and DVD should have included a decent partitioning tool such as gparted.

It has nothing to do with “booting Win XP” (don’t have it either) despite the title and the link I provided points to post #37 of that thread, which simply illustrates how to reset a partition booflag with fdisk (in case it might be useful to anyone).

I think that at least a recent version of “parted” should be on the live CD (please note the missing ‘G’). But in fact it’s much better to have a CD with “Parted Magick” around at all times, as Carl suggests.

On 2010-12-09 18:06, consused wrote:
> openSUSE’s liveCD and DVD should have included a decent partitioning
> tool such as gparted.

There is YaST.

As to put something else in the CD, well, you can propose it in the factory
mail list, but it means removing something else.

What could be done would be a live CD with a set of useful tools for
repair, tailored for a SUSE distro. Not necessarily one CD per version.

Tools like gparted, backup/restore, midnight commander, lynx, joe, some of
our scripts, like the one for getting info of partition setup., some
howtos… :wink:

It could be done in Studio. The openSUSE forum repair CD :wink:

Cheers / Saludos,

Carlos E. R.
(from 11.2 x86_64 “Emerald” at Telcontar)

YaST partitioner leaves one wanting more. :wink: Umm, more function.

Unfair to the openSUSE partitioner (in red), of course I meant “Boot Loader”.