Don't see sax2 setup in Yast? Is it gone?

Don’t see sax2 setup in Yast? Is it gone?

It’s not a YaST-module anymore, but still available.


Since SaX2 basically is a tool to edit the /etc/X11/xorg.conf which has become obsolete with recent versions of xorg, it becomes obsolete too. However, it is still possible to use a xorg.conf which will be followed during the boot-process. The default settings (without a xorg.conf) tries to let HAL imanage input devices, monitor, gfx-card etc.

My other question in the form asks about Desktop Settings utility crashes back to kdm. If kdm catches the crash x11 may be working still and it’s the Desktop Settings utility.

SaX2 is still available in openSUSE 11.2. In KDE4, if you navigate to /usr/share/applications, you can copy and paste the sax2.desktop icon to the local Desktop folder.

When required you can click on the sax2 icon on the desktop.

Please post more info:

32/64bit ?
openSUSE version ?
videocard ?
KDE version?