DomU (paravirt ) on LVM fail to start

Hi ,

I am trying to install opensuse 11.2 as DomU on a Host running also opensuse 11.2.

When I use a file as destination everything goes well and the installation finishes with success.

But when i install the DomU on an LV (Logical volume) with Yast, once the installation finished and the DomU restarts, I get the Error “Boot Loader didn’t return any data” :frowning:

I mounted the LV and I verified the presence of /boot/vmlinuz-xen, /boot/inirtd-xen, menu/lst etc …

……everything is in place

I tried the on command line and it seems working weel.

(it copies those files from LV to a tmp folder on the host )

here is output of xm list --long
(bootloader /usr/lib/xen/boot/
(on_crash destroy)
(uuid 9fe74b73-ecba-b91e-478d-621e1067c67a)
(bootloader_args ‘–entry=xvdb1:/boot/vmlinuz-xen,/boot/initrd-xen’)
(vcpus 2)
(name zimbra1)
(cpus (() ()))
(on_reboot restart)
(on_poweroff destroy)
(maxmem 2529)
(memory 2529)
(shadow_memory 0)
(features )
(on_xend_start ignore)
(on_xend_stop ignore)
(kernel )
(args ’ ')
(videoram 4)
(device_model /usr/lib64/xen/bin/qemu-dm)
(status 0)
(bridge br0)
(mac 00:16:3e:2c:ed:ea)
(uuid a3161766-f302-7633-1281-4f36fc628447)
(device (vkbd (uuid 07a09f53-383c-79a9-647c-2a2c00f2d91c)))
(uuid e4627bf6-8d44-d761-12f8-946d8b299753)
(bootable 1)
(driver paravirtualised)
(dev xvda)
(uname file:/mnt/nas/ETC/openSUSE-11.2-DVD-x86_64.iso)
(mode r)
(uuid c6778c4f-de90-ea1d-3c3a-726a1d7cee74)
(bootable 0)
(driver paravirtualised)
(dev xvdb)
(uname phy:/dev/VG_SATA/zimbra)
(mode w)
(vncunused 1)
(vnc 1)
(xauthority /root/.Xauthority)
(uuid 4c5e190f-de96-d8b3-7bd2-e0c4b57a55e3)

Did i miised something ?

Host Hardware Config
(Dell T610 with sas HDD on RAID 1)

Thanks in advance for your help


Problem resolved i juste replaced xvdb with xvda. :sarcastic: