domain hosting and dynamic IP dilemma

Hello everyone.
New to linux and opensuse 11.
well, I am connected to the net using DSL ( Dynamic IP ) . I have installed apache , dns , dhcp …
is there anyway , that i can host multiple domains on my apache server ( local server ) with dynamic IP ?

I know dynadns offers custom dns configuration and i can do that , but wondering if there are any other option that i can actually maintain my own dns server in local location.


You can have multiple names pointing to the same dynamic IP if you want virtual hosting.

reason for hosting domain , is for learning all there is about dns, apache etc. and im starting to program few pages experimenting with some components…

can you tell me how i can point to dynamic ips? ( virtual hosting)


Your dynamic IP registrar can tell you that.

Thanks will followup with dynadns :slight_smile: