Dolphin won't launch files

If I click on a file in Dolphin I expect to see it open in the appropiate program, like it does in Konqueror. It doesn’t work.

If I click on a text file I get this error:
KDEInit could not launch ‘/usr/bin/kwrite’

Of course kwrite is in /use/bin

This seems a fairly basic bug?

It’s in /usr/bin

When this happens to me (mostly as superuser, not much as normal user) I have to reboot. Very irritating but for me it fixes it. Wish I knew how to rezero it again from the CLI.

Try rebooting or logging off and on. Should fix it.

Yes, I meant /usr/bin

You are right, I logged off and on and it is working now.

Perhaps I should stick to using Konqueror.

It happens in Konqueror too for me. Has been going on for three releases that I can recall, but 99% of the occurrences for me are as root user (superuser).