Dolphin view iso image as txt file

File manager, dolphin, view iso images as txt file.
How to fix it?

  1. What version of openSUSE?
  2. I assume KDE (because of Dolphin), but always nice to tell your potential helpers for sure and not let them solve riddles even before they start to tackle your problem.
  3. Every problem description has three parts: what did you do, what did you expect to happen, what happened instead; I am missing the second part: what should Dolphin have done
    according to your expectations?

I run openSUSE 13.1 and use KDE.
What happens here when I “click” on e.g. the openSUSE-13.2-DVD-x86_64.iso ISO is that K3B is started.

In KDE System Settings > File name associations it says for *.iso: K3b and Ark. Is that different at yours?

@hcvv , ok , I am a beginner in opensuse and ask for your understanding …

1.opensuse 13.2 kde 64 bit
3.File manager dolphin iso image is recognized as a text file, and from the context menu offers kwrite and LibreOffice Writer
4. In the kde system settings, with the iso file is associated k3b and usb studio image writer

So, just for some dolphin iso image incorrectly shows that the txt file, and for any other iso image correctly identified as CD raw file.

This is a known problem with the kde4 mime list.

Take a look at this post:

Dolphin isn’t yet configured to associate the file with an “.iso” extension with the proper viewer app.

To configure this, probably the easiest way
The following works with generally any File Manager, including Dolphin on any Desktop and any version of openSUSE.

  1. Rt-click on any file with the chosen file extension (in your case “.iso”)
  2. Select and click on “Properties”
  3. Depending on the File Manager, you should see something, a button or link labeled something like “Open With…”
    Click on that.
  4. From there you should be able to select one or more apps (list by priority) to be used to view the file.

Save your setting.