Dolphin Video Preview Error gstreamer plug-in.

I need to change phonon backend to vlc. I need Dolphin to use VLC, and Amarok to use gstreamer. How do I do that? If I change it to VLC, then both programs end up using VLC. No good. Each must use a different backend.


Why do you need that?

It is not possible. You only can set the phonon backend globally for all applications.

Because Amarok has no equalizer with VLC, and Dolphin video previews only work with VLC. Gstreamer does nothing but give errors that plug-ins are missing.

Why not leave phonon backend as gstreamer and install the rpm kde-mplayer-thumbnailer which will give you video previews in dolphin

Dolphin video preview works fine here even with the gstreamer backend, although I normally use the vlc backend.

Please check that you have the following packages installed and that they come from Packman:


You can check where a package comes from by selecting the package in YaST->Software Management and clicking on the “Versions” tab right below the package list. If a package comes from a different repo, just select Packman there and it should be changed.

Works just fine now.