Dolphin very slow

i’m using dolphin
Dolphin Version 1.1 (KDE 4.1.3) “release 51.1” ]
But it’s so slow … i have time to prepare a coffee from scratch untill it opens itself.
THis is not very good for my health.
Have you got the same problem ?
btw : i’m using opensuse 11, with a P4 and 1 Gb of ram, is this not enough ? :
Thanks :wink:

Dolphin working fast on my end
running an amd64 with 2gigs of ram

I’m using a amd64/2GHz/1G and it opens very quickly. Try turning off the nepomuk integration or check if you have a remote filesystem mounted nearby. Dolphin hangs for a while when I’m browsing directories with nfs mounts.