Dolphin: Tagging .jpg images and options in use

Slightly OT but I am trying to create a register of soft furnishing fire safety labels and the easiest way to record the data is by taking a picture of the label on each item and then have this picture labelled and accessible on line in a spreadsheet with simple location and description information.

The pictures are all dated by the camera automatically and the dates become the file name. I would like to preserve these data as in “20230719_113605.jpg” and I was about to make copies and edit the file names to suit my purpose, including the date info and other info but this will make the file names bulky and inelegant.

Before I do what I have outlined therefore I wanted some advice on a better way to do this, possibly using tags and how this would work if I wrote a brief description and gave the tag a number. How would this work for ease of use in a spreadsheet for example and would tags be visible in the spreadsheet or would I need to use special software to view the tags?

You can use the exif2 data of your pictures to edit the metadata. A brief tutorial how to do it with as example digikam:

Hi Hui,
Many thanks indeed. In fact after I had posted my question I looked out my DigiKam Manual which is a bit old so your thread was very helpful and exactly on the point.

The whole question of DAM is something I took an interest in while planning and designing the HK Airport Railway or LAR Project as we knew it then. We were using CAD for the whole project but sadly at the time the technology was too fractured and very proprietary and we were moving too fast. Only now have some of our ideas been realised, thanks in part by the computing power available these days.