dolphin superuser with different icon

in kde is there a way to have dolphin in super user mode with different icon without changing the icon of dolphin normal mode??

you need to edit
and change line 5 to point to the new icon (just a name if it’s in

[Desktop Entry]
Name=File Manager - Super User Mode
Exec=dbus-launch dolphin -qwindowtitle "%c" "%u"

or make a new launcher with the same name in your home

kate ~/.local/share/applications/org.kde.dolphinsu.desktop

paste the above text there and change line 5 to point to a different icon/image
you absolute path to preserve the icon across different desktop icon sets (breeze or oxygen)
you can copy the current blue (breeze) icon to your home then edit it with gimp change it’s color to red save it and change line 5 to point to that svg Icon=/to/that/svg

You could try changing your Workspace/Icons themes. I am using Breeze and Oxygen which gives a red Konsole icon for super-user mode and black in normal mode.

that wont work because the icon is defined in the desktop file
I forgot that kde has a menu editor, you can eather right-click the main menu and select “Edit Applications…”
or in a terminal run


you can pick the proffered icon there, for example there is a nice magenta folder icon in the places group that you can use

I didn’t notice it but there is a red folder icon perfect for super user dolphin just bellow the orange one (way too lazy for a new screenshot)

in the meantime I abandoned tumbleweed becouse it was unusable without nvidia drivers and I don’t like install it in the hard way, and also I installed it in a btrfs partition that during update ran out of space and the system broken, now I’m on leap 42.2 and maaaanythanks, it works perfectly:)