Dolphin sometimes fails uploading file to CIFS mounted dir and waits for user input

I have mounted CIFS samba share and I’m uploading AVI file there.
Sometimes upload takes too long and I go and check the upload process: it seems to fail and waiting for user input!

Here is a screenshot: the progress bar is 100% but status circle is still showing that it’s in progress.
Under the Dolphin’s window there is a message box telling me about the fail and there is only one button: Cancel. Where is Retry or any other choice???](

I see in dmesg that CIFS failed for some reason, OK, that could happen, but Dolphin should notify me in the tray instead of showing “still in progress” and offer to Retry upload instead on pop-under with “Cancel” button.

I would like to know your opinion: would that be a bug report or feature request?