Dolphin services menus

So I want to get mount/umount option under right click services menu. I went to Dolphin → Settings → Configure Dolphin → Services → Download New Services and from there I installed KDE CDEmu Emulator and MountISO. But neither of them is showing up in actual context menu. Neither in Dolphin → Settings → Configure Dolphin → Services for that matter. I tried to install them as normal user and as a root. I went to have a peak in /usr/share/kde4/services/ServiceMenus/ but they aren’t there as well…

It’s just me or lots of things seems to be not quite working in 11.3?

Wich version of KDE do you have?

Indeed, in KDE 4.3.3, some things were not implemented perfectly yet… :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, I’m on 4.4.4 and things don’t seems to be perfect here either :’(

As for Dolphin - I did system-wide search for *.desktop files - got couple of thousand of those! But none of them, at least by name, resembled either of those installed by me…

Did you try a manuel install of those? Go to Eyecandy for your KDE-Desktop -, download the servive menu you want and copy the files in the right folders.

Genius! I got MountISO and it DOES actually work. But it doesn’t changes the fact that Dolphin / KDE is more that a bit buggy…
Thanks for your suggestion!

Upgrade to KDE 4.5.4, it is worth it. A lot of bugs have been fixed, it is really great.

When you click the install button in “Download New Services” the service menus are not installed but only downloaded to “/home/bla/.kde4/share/apps/servicemenu-download/”. From there you can install them by hand. Convenient, isn’t it?

I didn’t know this one. Thanks for the info. :slight_smile:

Not convenient at all if you need to have magic skills or ask in a forum to learn about it. Why isn’t this explained anywhere? Also, the service menu selector lets you select the downloaded service menus (to show up or not), which is very misleading. Isn’t GHNS supposed to provide an easy and unified way to install extensions?? I love KDE and Dolphin, but sorry, to call this convenient seems ironic.

I assumed the GHNS feature was broken for service menus for the longest time! Btw, KDE 4.5 didn’t change this.

I agree. It is good to know, but it is inconvenient. It should install the service menu. Same on KDE 4.5.4. It doesn’t install the service menu. :confused:

At least one could mention the download folder and rename that button to what it does: Download. So no one raises false expectations as happend a lot since the KDE4 series was released - Strigi for example or KMail with Akonadi, which was to be released with KDE 4.5. Sometimes I feel like switching to gnome because it feels more mature in certain details, e.g.the networkmanager gui or extraction of password protected archives. See my alltime favorite which celebrated its 9th anniversary last month.
Whatever, I can’t switch to gnome because to me it looks ugly and lacks the flexibility KDE offers.