Dolphin "places"

Hi, running 13.2 x86_64 KDE. I have a question about Dolphin “places”. Once I drag the folders over to the left and re-arrange them they refuse to stay in place. IOW, when I restart Dolphin the folders are back to their original configuration. Have I missed something?

Thanks in advance.

Known problem: 344444 – Order of items in Places changes after you add items to it, and there are other ones too, like newly added folders disappearing when you restart Dolphin.
Although I think the latter one was actually caused by a try to fix the problem you describe (which should be fixed in 14.12.3)…
So what exact dolphin version are you using?

And try to use a file open/save dialog to do your changes. Although I’m not sure whether this helps with your ordering problem.

It’s version 14.12.3, KDE 4.14.6.

Then changing the order should work according to the bug report.

And it does seem to work here, but I already use 15.04 from the KDE:Applications repo.

You could still be affected by the conflict between ~/.kde4/share/apps/kfileplaces/bookmarks.xml and ~/.local/share/user-places.xbel (dolphin/kdelibs only reads the latter, but changes inside dolphin are only saved to the former, see 345174 – [kdelibs] [kdebase-dolphin] Added folders to left panel "Places" disappear )
An update to kdelibs4 is on the way already for 13.2 which might fix that (I’m not sure).

But again, try to change the “Places” in a file open/save dialog, that should write the correct file.
And maybe try to remove/rename both files and start from scratch, to avoid any “garbage” inside them.