Dolphin Panel "search for" : Does it work?


I am trying to understand Dolphin panel “search for” If I click on documents(or images, audio, video) and type a search term, nothing is returned.ever. on any search there.
I check desktop setting >search and there was nothing in the do not index tab. I checked ~/.config/baloofilerc, all folders are listed in index list.
I checked baloo: it indexed the file(s) I was looking for,but noticed indexing is scheduled?

Kilbert@linux-oaak:~> balooctl status
File: /home/Kilbert/
Basic Indexing: Scheduled


balooshow /home/Kilbert/filcker.mkv
34921588809795619 2083 8130816 /home/Kilbert/filcker.mkv

but if i use the panel search: no results. The FInd on the dolphin menu works fine.

What am I missing?
JOhn KIlbert