Dolphin opens Samba share in Firefox

Hi guys,

I have (or exactly: a friend of me has) a strange problem which I need to understand, because I am the choosen one to fix it :slight_smile:

He has a Computer with a dualboot (Win 7 and OpenSUSE 11.4) and a NAS server in his network. On this NAS server he has a samba share (my conclusion, as he doesn´t know what it is, but he can access it via Windows, so it must be Samba). In Windows everything is fine. He can see the shares and access them via Windows Explorer.

In Suse, Dolphin also sees the shares. But when he clicks on the share, Firefox opens and wants to connect to it. This is generally ok, as it shows that the networking part seems to work. But he wants to access the share as if it was a external HDD = the same way as in Windows.

So, can you guys maybe explain a little bit what is going on here? And how do I “teach” Dolphin that this is a network share? I mean, there must be some kind of html shortcut or something in there, otherwise it wouldn´t open the Web Browser… But how come? I don´t know anything about NAS servers… is there a setting to be done in the Server? If yes, what setting?

would be great, if you could help me, to help this guy! :smiley:

Thanks in advance

It may be worth checking System settings as I recently found that the default appears to be Firefox if nothing is set.

Recommend determining what the Share path is, guessing isn’t going to be reliable.

You should know that not only Windows Explorer but many if not most of the major web browsers and file managers seamlessly and transparently support a number of path syntax… UNC, HTTP/HTTPS, FTP and more. It many not be a SAMBA share, it can be a Web Share and appear to the client app exactly the same.

For starters, I’d recommend you inspect the addressbar of Firefox when it’s connecting to the share, my guess is that it will be either HTTP or FTP and not UNC which is why Firefox was launched by default.

I’d also suggest you verify that the Firefox window can’t be used just like Konqueror and Windows Explorer, ie supporting DragNDrop, add, modify and deleter. If the share is deployed by your NAS through WebDAV, a web browser should be able to do all the functions you normally might think can be done only in a File Manager.

Regardless of the above, in any case it should be possible to manually mount the share in Konqueror or Dolphin.


Have you tried opening a terminal window and using a mount command?

With this command, for example, he could access the nas by going to the directory /media/custom

mount -t cifs -olfs,username=xxxx,password=xxxx //nas/share /media/custom


thanks and sorry for my late answer…

As I found out, he had set up a NFS connection to the server. And it was the NFS connection which was opened in Firefox. But I don´t know why. So no solution on that… I also did not see that. Because normally this NFS connection never could have worked. The reason for that was: as he set it up, he got a failure message in the small pop up window where you choose the paths and directories on the server. This failure message was “internal error” which was from the server itself. There is no main directory on the server, just the folders which normally should be the subdirectories of the /home folder. So the NFS client tried to connect to the main folder, which was not there. This is why the “internal error” came up.

Right now I have set up some Samba connections for him to the single folders (Music, Videos etc). But this is far from being ideal… as with Kwallet switched off, Dolphin cannot remember the username and password.

So I think, this story of Firefox opening the share was just a hoax… sorry for that. But now I know how it is in technical support… you can´t trust anyone :smiley: