Dolphin opens in messed up super use mode in cinnamon(meta+E)

When i press the meta + E key (super+E) from my cinnamon DE, it shoots out a messed up dolphin file manager with location as home folder inside another home folder(/home/knightfuri/’/home/knightfuri’/ ) which does not exist. And the title bar says ‘File Manager - Super User Mode’- Dolphin. Screenshot-
My main DE- KDE plasma5 with side installs of cinnamon and xfce.

In konsole, what does “ls /home” and “ls /home/knightfuri” give you?

ls /home
hwinfo knightfuri lost+found

ls /home/knightfuri
bin Desktop Documents Downloads index.html logs Music Pictures plasma reset Public public_html sensorsdata.txt Templates Videos

I know this is an old thread and I don’t know if it has since been solved, but I experienced this just yesterday, and it’s very annoying.
Until plasma 5 fixes some issues I plan on making cinnamon my default desktop, but this is just too ugly to ignore. Open home shortcut launched broken dolphin superuser mode. Trash shortcut too, as well as mounting and opening removable drives from an applet/desklet.
I found a workaround. I don’t know if it breaks things on other Desktop Environments, but I’m posting it anyway in case it helps others.
I edited the ~/.config/mimeapps.list file, which, from what I gathered is how cinnamon sets default applications. Added the following line under
[Default Applications]

Any other preferred file manager from the /usr/share/applications directory should work too.