Dolphin "open konsole here" option gone

In dolphin there is supposed to be an action that opens konsole in the current directory. For me this has disappeared:

I have been installing some custom themes lately, and believe that might have had something to do with it.

I tried reinstalling konsole, but it didn’t help.

So I would like this option back because obviously it’s very convenient. What can I do?


See if the option to ‘Open Konsole here’ is hooked of in Dolphin’s set-up: Control → Configure Dolphin → Services (scroll through the list)


The option does not exist!

Aha, then I suppose something strange has happened.

Does ‘F4’ open Konsole correctly (embedded)?

No it just brings up an empty panel.

However, I just discovered that shift+F4 (and “open terminal” from the Tools menu) indeed opens konsole in the current directory the same way the action menu item would.

It would still be nice to know what went wrong and how to fix it though.

Which openSUSE version are you using and which konsole version do you have installed?

That menu entry is part of the konsole-4.14.3 package that’s part of the 13.2 update repo.

Probably it’s missing in konsole4-part from Tumbleweed/KDE:Applications?

You said that it might be related to installing new themes…
How did you install them? (packages from some repo, “Get New xxx”, manually downloading and copying them somewhere…)

Do you have something in ~/.kde4/share/services/ServiceMenus/ ?
That overrides the system-wide installation.

Do you have the same problem with a fresh user account?

openSUSE 20150519 (Tumbleweed) (x86_64)
Konsole: 15.04.0

I installed the themes from the “Get New Schemes” window in Application Appearance. This was the only unusual thing I have done with my system lately, and it happened to coincide with the disappearing option …but I don’t know why coloschemes would affect dolphin / konsole that way.

.kde4/share/kde4/services/ServiceMenus/ is empty.

Do you have the same problem with a fresh user account?

Yes, it’s the same.

It shouldn’t.

But you are using Tumbleweed, and therefore have the KF5-based Konsole installed now. You should have mentioned this in the first place, but luckily I somehow suspected this… :wink:
Or you should have better asked in the Tumbleweed forum in the first place.
This thread will be moved there…

Apparently that service menu is contained in the konsole package itself, not in konsole-part/konsole4-part. As konsole is KF5 based now, the service menu is installed to the KF5/Plasma5 location.
Therefore the (still) KDE4-based dolphin cannot find it.

Unfortunately there’s not much that can be done about that. Konsole has been replaced upstream by the KF5 version, and installing the file to the KDE4 location is not really an option I suppose.
You’d have to wait till August, when dolphin will be released as KF5-based version as well.

But copying over /usr/share/kde4/services/ServiceMenus/konsolehere.desktop (and probably konsolerun.desktop too) to /usr/share/kde4/services/ServiceMenus or (user-specific) to ~/.kde4/share/ServiceMenus/ (create the folder if it doesn’t exist) should help.

Moving to Tumbleweed forum, temporarily closed…

Seems to already have been moved… :wink: