Dolphin - no progress bar

I’ve just done the one click install from KDE 4.1 to KDE 4.2 (which worked fine).

However when I use Dolphin to move, copy or delete a large directory there is no progress bar. I have searched the documentation and the web but I can’t find any options to turn it on.

Have I missed something? Is this a bug? surely its not a feature!


The progress bar is now a bit hidden you will see blue a progress applet in the tray next to the clock.
If you click on it while move stuff you can see whats happening


Thanks, this helps a bit.

However this seems a very dangerous feature, especially for new users, if someone copies a directory without realising how large it is. They might then go on to do some operation on a partially completed file tree, or they might delete files before they have been fully copied.

I’m not against KDE4, I think it is good that they are trying out new ideas, but I think this could lead to a lot of people loosing or corrupting important files.

Do you know of a way to influence the KDE developer in this matter? Or could Novell be persuaded to patch Dolphin to work in a safer way?