Dolphin Mplayer Configuration

Hello, don’t know if any of you are experiencing this, but with the kde 4.3 dolphin an embedded player is present in the file manager that lets you watch the video inside the file manager (don’t really know why anyone would want to do this…but ok) but the problem lies in when I start the video with vlc or whatever media player, the cpu suddenly spikes to full usage for about 20-40 seconds sometimes causing my laptop to overheat and shut off. Now I go to Configure Dolphin,General,Previews tab…and the show previews for "Video Files (MPlayerThumbs) box is unchecked yet I’m still seeing MPlayer video file previews in my information box. I must be overlooking something here because I don’t really think with the solid state that kde 4.3 is in,that something like this would be overlooked. any ideas? Thanks.

Go to “Personal Settings” aka “Configure Desktop”, then go to Advanced Users, and then File Associations. It’s quite tedious, but should help.

Alright I do this and modify the “left Click Action” in the embedded tab to well,any of the options with the same results. Dolphin is also configuated to not show previews for video files.

What happens if you run the video just in some app, like mplayer or xine?
Please try running it from console and run top in another console and see what’s taking up the resources.

Sorry should of mentioned it before but I did that and it’s MPlayer thats eating up all the resources.

This is happening to me to. Its really annoying.

Its caused by dolphin generating a thumbnail for the info bar. I wish there was a way to disable this.

When watching videos I just keep a console open and type “killall mplayer” after I chose my video. I download all my weekly shows and this happens while I watch them.

yeah I know right…while your solution works I got tired of doing that every time I opened a video so I just uninstalled mplayer and if I need it I just have to install it when I need it.