dolphin: mounting windows partitions as normal user


my Windows partitions are listed in Dolphin under ‘places’, i would like to mount them by simply clicking on them as normal user. In dolphin superuser mode i can mount them like that without problems, but as normal user i get an error message
“Error opening ‘/dev/sda1’: permission denied
failed to mount ‘/dev/sda1’: permission denied”

i was on factory before and iirc i got a similar error message, i solved it modifying a PolicyKit entry but this time it didn’t help.

thanks for help

Only root is allowed to mount partitions. Why don’t you set the system to mount them at boot in /etc/fstab ?

Thanks for your reply,
well i actually did that but i got some warning messages because some partitions are pretty full, that’s annoying, and i got used to mount and unmount these partitions in this simple manner. So i added a ‘noauto’ in fstab and now i have this problem.

That’s curious. In Dolphin in 11.2 KDE I get a simple dialogue box asking for root password, not a “permission denied” statement, and it mounts when I supply root password.

Oh sorry, forgot to say that i’m also on 11.2 KDE, but i’ve never seen a dialogue box asking me for root password in dolphin as normal user.
Is there a possibility to grant a normal user the privilege to mount a windows partition? (unmount is possible).
I tought i did that in 11.2 factory with the PolicyKit entry ‘’.

If you updated from beta to final release by e.g. zypper update, it would have maybe carried the bad behaviour through from the beta with its polick kit mods. So, was it a clean install of 11.2 or an update from a beta?

Hi swerdna,
it was a clean install of 11.2 but i changed to KDE 4.3.3 “release 2”.

btw. great homepage you have made, it helped me a lot in my Linux life, thank you very much!

Glad you like the help pages.

I’ve decided I’m out of my depth on advanced/cutting_edge KDE, hope someone else has some ideas. Luck.