Dolphin modifies directory date

Greetings All,

The current version of Dolphin included in SUSE 15.4 seems to have a new feature:
If you view a directory, the modification date is changed.

Is there some way to disable this behavior?


Richard Rosa

I’m not seeing that behaviour using Dolphin 21.12.3

After viewing a directory the modification date is unchanged in both Dolphin’s three view modes and the Information Panel, and from the command line the “stat” command also shows an unchanged date…

If you’re able to consistently reproduce the problem, both with your normal user and a fresh test user, then I’d suggest a bug report over at KDE might not be out of order.

After powering up this morning, this bug/feature seems to have corrected itself.
Hopefully, it was just a passing gremlin…

Thanx for your help.

Richard Rosa