Dolphin information panel not displaying font previews for otf/ttf fonts...

… since a recent(?) update. Currently using TW 20180109 & Dolphin 17.12.0

It seems because the mime type is now seen as “font/ttf” and “font/otf” rather than the former “application/x-font-ttf” and “application/x-font-otf”

Adding “font/ttf” and “font/otf” to the “MimeType=” entry in “/usr/share/kservices5/fontthumbnail.desktop” restores the (Dolphin) font previews.

(I guess this may apply to other font types as well… ?)

Has been fixed upstream already: (by an openSUSE KDE team member)

If I’d not recently added a couple of user fonts I’d probably never have discovered the problem, it would have been fixed and gone by then…

Your encyclopaedic knowledge of all things openSUSE/KDE never ceases to amaze me… :slight_smile: