Dolphin information panel does not show video or image resolution

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I’ve only been using OpenSUSE for about 2 weeks now after several years of using Kubuntu. Quite impressed at the difference in speed and stability.

But, as expected, I’m finding there are some different ways of doing things that I’ll have to get used to.

This thread relates to the lack of image and video information (resolution) in the Dolphin information panel. Here’s my current config:
OS: OpenSUSE 13.2
Qt: 4.8.6
KDE Development Platform: 4.14.9
Dolphin: 15.04.0

As this is something I used a lot in Kubuntu, I’m hoping that there a way to get Dolphin to display video and image resolution in OpenSUSE.

I’ve found a few old threads with similar issues, but I’ve been unable to find a solution.

Can someone guide me to this?

Thank you.

You have multimedia working?

And have dolphin Information Panel?

Working here

Hi caf4926,

Yes, multimedia is working (but I’ve now also followed the instructions on your Multimedia Guide page - btw: nice work). Admittedly, I had already learnt most of what was shown there the hard way from various posts (lol). Also, on that page, would things go faster if:
1. Add Packman repo
2. config package switcher to Packman
3. zypper install all those things?

But, in relation to the actual problem I have - after some further investigation, KDE Desktop Search showed all the locations I wanted to search as excluded. I removed them and then restarted baloo.

After baloo finished indexing the files it could find, the video and image dimensions now show in the Dolphin Information Panel.

The new problem is that baloo has indexed the files at their mount point - which I symlink to from inside my home directory. Dolphin is only showing the video and image resolutions at the ‘real’ file location. When viewing the link in Dolphin (instead of the target), no resolution info is shown in the Information Panel. So, it appears that baloo followed the symlink to its target, then stored the real file location and not the link location in the baloo database.

Any thoughts there?

Thank you.

btw: is this board going to require me to decode a captcha image for* every* post???

I can’t really comment on your situation as it is not one I practice or plan to

BTW it is this way
2. Install packages
3. Switch to Packman

You can apply the switch again at any time in the future if it seems to get broken.

Re: Captcha
No, only until it’s sure you are not a spammer. I forget what the setting is. Probably 10 posts+