Dolphin hightlights wrong folder

I noticed recently that whenever I open Dolphin (KDE file manager), it automatically highlights the first folder in alphabetical order. when I use the back button (on the dolphin window or my mouse buttons), it selects everything between the folder I was in and the first alphabetical folder. in this example, I went inside my “videos” folder and pressed back, and it selected everything between bin (1st in alphabetical order) to videos (folder selected).

I don’t recall modifying any settings lately, in dolphin or anywhere, that could do that. the most daring thing I did was a rollback when there was the broken nvidia driver (and I don’t think that bug started happening at that time anyway)… what is happening? how can I fix it?

Did you run ‘zypper up’ again ?

Does this issue exist for a newly created user?

I didn’t.
I just tried, but it reported that there is “Nothing to do.” anyway.

I just tried it, and no it doesn’t, it’s just for my current user apparently…

Any idea (beside migrating everything to a newly created user)? thanks in advance.

It is then a corrupted config file the trick is finding which one(s)

I feel silly. all I had to do was go in my .local/share/Dolphin folder, and delete it. it reset my view properties and I have to set them again, but it also fixed the problem.

yea, I just thought of that solution. I moved my .local/share/Dolphin to /home, and I’ll search which file was corrupted and just fix it. Thanks!

The config files do not reside in ~/.local, but rather in ~/.config . In your case dolphinrc

True, but the global view properties are in fact in ~/.local/share/dolphin/view_properties/…