Dolphin freezes on network transfers

Hi all,
I’m using OpenSUSE 11.2 64Bit with KDE.

I have some nfs shares, which i added through YaST. I just went with the default options. They’re shared from an ubuntu server in another room.

Whenever i copy anything to the server from my computer, all instances of Dolphin freeze until the process is complete. It’s not such a hassle for smaller files but for larger files it’s a bit of a pain if i want to keep using the File Manager. Strangely, it works ok with Samba, though the transfer rate via Samba is much slower than with NFS.

So far i’ve tried Konqueror instead but the problem persisted. I’ve also tried with the NFSv4 support option enabled and disabled in YaST.

I’m wondering if anyone has encountered this and has any suggestions regarding the NFS options on my Suse box here.

Thanks in advance.

I use konqueor in 11.2 for very large file transfers via sftp (over both internal LAN and over the Internet to a PC a continent away), and I have not seen the problem. I don’t use nfs.

Thanks OldCPU.

I changed the NFS options from ‘defaults’ to ‘rw,hard,intr,nouser,suid,sync’. It’s given me back some functionality within Dolphin whilst the file’s copying but i think it’s just because it’s knocked the transfer rate back to about 8MiB/s from around 11MiB/s previously. It’s a 10/100 connection. This is the rate when i transfer from my pc to the server. However, when i copy from the server to my pc, the transfer rate is still 11-12MiB/s.

I’m ok with that. I’d rather have the functionality within the file manager while the file’s copying than have an extra 3MiB/s or so.


I would rather look into Ubuntu’s server config. I run NFS about everywhere, and never have any problems like this. Used to have trouble with a Ubuntu file server, but we changed that to openSUSE over a year ago.

Ok, thanks Knurpht. You’re right; i shouldn’t neglect both sides of the equation if i’m looking to get it right. I might have a look at the exports options on the server tomorrow. Cheers.

I use fish

fish://xxxx@<ip address>