Dolphin for KDE3.5

Hello, everyone.
I’m new to OpenSUSE, since I’ve always used Kubuntu.
I’ve installed the 11.1 version, with KDE3.5 because I’m not ready to use KDE4 yet.
As I said, I’ve always used Kubuntu, which comes with D3lphin as a file manager, and I wanted to install it on OpenSUSE too.
I tried with ‘zypper se dolphin’ but I can only see packages for KDE4.
Is there any way to install the version for KDE3?
Thanks in advance


Wow, that’s easy!

Note for all people finding this thread i.e. via $SEARCH_ENGINE:

These two sites are a “must have” for every openSUSE user’s bookmarks.

But be careful on what to add and not, don’t add every repo you find blindly and read carefully if you use the “1-click” installs, what actually gets changed.