Dolphin focus incorrect when in split-window mode: Always on r.h.s. at start

I’m using TW, updated all along to 20220903, with KDE desktop. Since long, I see an unwanted behavior of Dolphin. Let me ask here first before submitting a KDE bug report.

I use Dolphin as well as Krusader, both in split-window (two-column) mode. There is an annoying behavior of Dolphin, both the standard user and root versions, while Krusader does it alright.

Dolphin’s focus ALWAYS comes up as focus on the right-hand side of the split windows. However, I want it to always come up with focus on the left-hand side. I searched the Preferences many times, but to no avail. I have Preferences -> Start -> Show at start -> Folders, sub-windows, window status as of last start (translated from German). Putting the focus onto the l.h.s. windows when exiting Dolphin doesn’t help, it comes up on the r.h.s. at the next start. Quite annoying tbh.

Anybody else with similar observations? Any idea what to do? Thank you in advance.
Ultimately, I think a KDE bug report might be necessary.

Maybe yes. But please then use a better title for your bug. The addition that this is upon a restart of Dolphin where the last time you had a split window is not very clear.

Using Dolphin split-window every now and then, and removing one of the two way before I stop the last open Dolphin, I read your title with amazement, because I never saw what it says.

Edited the title, works only on this post, not the thread.

Edited the main title.

Filed on KDE Bugtracker.

Whishing success!