Dolphin file manager

Probably a simple question for you knowledgeable people, but is there a problem with Dolphin?
I use SUSE 11 64bit with KDE4 and have problems moving files to USB2 devices, memory sticks and SD cards. If I copy something then it shows in the second window (USB2 device), but then if I remove and reattach the device I find that the file is not there.
Should I try to use a different file manager, if so which one?

I think this is a KDE thing. When you delete it via dolphin (or konqueror) it tries to move it to a recycling bin. At least that’s what I think is happening.

The workaround is easy: just hit f4 to get a command window in the current directory, and then use the rm command. Works every time.

Before you remove the device you have to right click on the USB device in the left pane of dolphin and select eject (or you can click on the system device notifier i.e. the computer icon beside the clock in the panel and click on the eject icon). Now you should remove and reattach the usb device to check if the file has been written.