Dolphin exits on start

Dolphin has started acting weird on me.

When I click, it loads, displays the view and then immediately exit again.

When I run from the terminal I get this message:

bj@linux-9e18:~> dolphin
Object::connect: No such signal DolphinView::redirection(KUrl,KUrl)
Object::connect: No such signal DolphinView::redirection(KUrl,KUrl)
bj@linux-9e18:~> dolphin: symbol lookup error: dolphin: undefined symbol: _ZN24KonqFileItemCapabilitiesC1ERK13KFileItemList

Anyone have any advice on this?

If you re-name the hidden .kde4 folder to .kde4old

command from a CLI login
mv /home/uernme/.kde4 .kde4old

or do it from kde3 or icewm, then
do Ctrl-Alt-Backspace

It should be like a new login. How does dolphin behave now

Fix your inconsistent system installation. As you didn’t describe how you installed your current rpms, no further help is possible.

I didn’t install it myself, it tagged along when i installed opensuse.

Opens and quits immediately. :frowning:

Do you have it set to open with a network folder? Unbelievably, that can make it crash.

Nope, not that either. I hadn’t changed any settings in it when it started behaving badly.

nudge bump

Try going to Yast security and users - user management

create a new user (we can always delete it later) it just helps us establish where the fault lies

when done - logout and then back in with the new user name on kde4

see how dolphin is

Try going to yast > software and update dolphin it may be a dependency issue.
Right click on it and choose update.


Same, same. Exits immediately :frowning:

Thanks, but it was a no-go. No dependency issue, and no difference :’(

OK try using the respective one-click here to reinstall kde